Nord University (Norway) и БГТУ «ВОЕНМЕХ» им. Д.Ф. Устинова (Россия)


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Postgraduate programs are temporarily suspended.

International postgraduate (Ph.D.)

International graduate school in St. Petersburg in the Baltic State Technical University "Voenmeh" by International Research Training Program in the economy is realized more than 10 years. In 2003, it was launched at the University of St. Petersburg and immediately gained popularity in future graduate students.

Graduate school "Voenmeh" in this case means that you can get a PhD in international level. Expect to enter this school can graduates of first year of study, as well as the magistrates of final year majoring in marketing, management, organization theory, accounting, management control, and others.

Partner of the University of St. Petersburg is the Norwegian School of Business, University of Nordland (Bude, Norway).

Requirements to applicants

1. Basic economics.
2. Knowledge of English at a high level (training takes place in a foreign language).
3. Printed publications or abstracts at scientific conferences on relevant topics.
4. Three reviews of Russian candidates or doctors.
Far not every applicant eventually becomes our graduate students, because the selection includes an interview and an oral presentation of the research topic in English.

Education in international postgraduate suggests the early stages of participation in short training seminars and courses in Norway by the Norwegian side and preparation of a research project in Russia. Final preparation of graduate students and defense of the thesis takes place in Norway.


  • 22/07/2014 - 09:37 Enrollment to HHB 2013

    We would like to inform that the following students have been selected for study at Master of Science in Business program at Nordland University: