Nord University (Norway) и БГТУ «ВОЕНМЕХ» им. Д.Ф. Устинова (Россия)


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Marketing & entrepreneurship




1. Course outline, reading, project work and examination. New venture formation - a conceptual framework. The role of entrepreneurship


2. Individual entrepreneur, motivations, intentions, characteristics, goals 2
3. Entrepreneurial process and decision making. Types of startups. 2
4. Core Concepts of Marketing. Company orientations toward the Marketplace. 2
5. Buyer behavior. Outline of the future project work 4
6. Market segmentation 4
7. Segmenting business markets. Market targeting 4
8. Marketing tools. Product. Positioning strategy. Product Life - Cycle. 4
9. Price. Pricing strategies 4
10. Business ideas. Sources of ideas and the creativity at work 4
11. Legal forms of business. Governmental regulation and tax 2
12. Business plan and start-up process 4
13. Marketing plan . Project work guidelines 4
14. Marketing research and forecasting demand 4
15. Marketing mix. Distribution, promotion 2
16. Location of the new venture 4
17. Budjeting. Financing of the start-up and the grow of the venture 2
18. Accumulating resources, Attracting investors 4
19. Starting of new venture through franchising 4
20. Marketing and entrepreneurship-a review. Presentation of final reports by students 4
21. Oral examination 4
Amount of working hours 72
The control of the education process Examination
MM: Marketing Management,Analis,Planning, Implementation and Control, by Philip Kotler E: Entrepreneurship, Hisrich Peters; M: Marketing, G.L.Bagiev, V.M.Tarasevich, H. Ann. K: Kompendium and handouts


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