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Financial accounting

The Schedule is developed by L.V. Sologubova


Contests Hours
1. Basic assumptions in Financial accounting.. What is accounting? The difference between Financial accounting and Management accounting. Four fundamental concepts. Six basic principles. 6
2. The Balance sheet. What is a Balance sheet? The internal Balance sheet of company. How much is a business worth? Questions. Problems. 6
3. The Profit and Loss account. The Profit and Loss account – the most important statement. Questions. Problems. 6
4. The Cash flow statement. Why a cash flow statement is informative. Purposes of the cash flow statement. The model of the cash flow statement. 6
5. Basic understanding of bookkeeping. Double entry accounting. Accounts – debit and credit. Recording transactions. Period-end accounting. 6
6. Depreciation of fixed assets. Why charge depreciation? The straight line method of depreciation. The reducing balance method of depreciation. The revaluation method of depreciation. Accounting for depreciation. Questions. Problems. 6
7. Basic measurement problems. Stocks. Debtors. Intangibles. Investments in other firms. Transactions and translation of foreign activities. Questions. Problems. 6
8. Financial accounting and tax accounting. Three alternatives. The differed tax model. Три альтернативы. Различные налоговые модели. 6
9. How to read financial statements and auditors reports. The profit and loss account. The balance sheet. The cash flow statement. An introduction to the role of the auditor. The auditor’s report. What kind of information must a company publish in its accounts. 6
10. Understanding consolidated group accounts. The objective of consolidated accounts. An illustration of consolidation. Minority interests. Subsidiaries abroad. Questions. Problems. 6
11. International harmonization The need for harmonization. The effect of the EC directives. International Accounting Standards. Standing Interpretations Committee (SIC). GAAP. 6
12. Ratio analysis: the interpretation of financial statements. Accounting ratios. Value added statements. Using the information. Limitations of ratio analysis. 6
The total amount of hours 72
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