Nord University (Norway) и БГТУ «ВОЕНМЕХ» им. Д.Ф. Устинова (Россия)


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Russian history, society and culture

ECTS credits: 5

Level of course: Master

Type of course: Russian language

Duration: 1 month

Study start: Fall(August)

Year of study: 2nd year

Study place: Saint-Petersburg

Language of instruction: English

Course responsible person: Guseva Larisa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course evaluation:

Russian course in Petersburg is calculated for one month. There is testing for definition the level of understanding the studied material in the end of a course. In the University it is tested not only the language competence of students, but also the speech competence because the course’s purpose is activization of passive speech and also formation of active speech stock in situations of real dialogue in the Russian language environment.

Faculty responsible:

Baltic State Technical University

Course contents:

The course consists of: lessons of Russian language and daily excursions across Saint-Petersburg. During the studying process students can assume development of active speech designs, situations of real dialogue (acquaintance, a trip to transport, purchases in shops, trips to a museum, conversations in cafe etc.). The grammar course is also realized. Situational games, competitions, interactive dialogue are organized for students for fastening of the studied material. Students learn regional geographic material, get acquainted with the traditions, culture of Russians, art, architecture during daily excursions on a city and weekly Saturday six-hour excursions (a sightseeing tour across Petersburg, in the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage, Peterhof). There is the entrance test before the beginning of studies, which allows defining level of language’s knowledge. Each student has an opportunity to carry out studying process taking into account level of his knowledge as a result of entrance testing.

Learning outcomes:

Students can communicate in Russian language in situations of cultural and community dialogue (elementary level); students of the advanced level can learn more about history, culture, the present of Russia, Russian character, prospects of cooperation of our countries in different areas of life and also they can use theoretical knowledge which they received earlier

Especially recommended elective courses:


Offered as a free-standing course:



Students must be admitted to the two year Master of Science in Energy or Sustainable Management Program, or have explicit permission from the administration at HHB.

Recommended previous knowledge:


Mode of delivery:

Face-to-face lectures, concentrating teaching.

Learning activities and teaching methods:

lectures, excursions

Assessment methods and criteria:

Students have to pass 4-hours written examination, then pass oral examination and have 100% of attendance for having evaluation.

Work placement:


Study progression requirement:


Recommended or required reading:

  1. S.Chernyshov, A.Chernyshova “ Russian for adults” in three toms
  2. K. Pekhlivanova,M Lebedeva “ Grammar of Russian language with illustration”


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