Nord University (Norway) и БГТУ «ВОЕНМЕХ» им. Д.Ф. Устинова (Россия)


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Environmental management: international and Russian experience

ECTS credits: 5

Level of course: Master

Type of course: Compulsory for the master program «Sustainable Management»

Duration: 3 semester

Study start: Fall

Year of study: 2nd year

Study place: Saint-Petersburg

Language of instruction: English

Course responsible person:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course evaluation:

The course is evaluated annually by students by way of course evaluation studies (mid-term evaluation and final evaluation). These evaluations are included in the university’s quality assurance system.

Faculty responsible:

Baltic State Technical University

Course contents:

The course introduces the students to foundations of environmental management from the theoretical and practical point of view in order to develop ability to evaluate environmental risks, provide sustainable solutions and act within the frameworks of Russian market. The course deals with the following issues: principles of sustainable development: Agenda 21 and its role in Russian economy, sustainability indicators, environmental management: international and Russian experience, ISO 14000: environmental quality management and its practical application, handling environmental risks at national and global levels, energy and resource saving.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will find out the principles of environmental management. Student will be able to develop a plan of certification according to ISO 14001 and provide risk analysis of any enterprise. Students will be able to compare development of different countries using sustainability indicators.

Especially recommended elective courses:


Offered as a free-standing course:



Students must be admitted to the two year Master of Science in Sustainable Management Program, or have explicit permission from the administration at HHB and BSTU.

Recommended previous knowledge:


Mode of delivery:

Face-to-face lectures, concentrating teaching.

Learning activities and teaching methods:

Lectures, seminars and exercise.

Assessment methods and criteria:

3-hour written examination with regular Norwegian grading system (A-F) account for 70% of the grade, written research paper account for 30% of grade. In addition, a minimum of 75% compulsory attendance of the lectures is required to be allowed to deliver the research paper, and thus to compete the course.

Work placement:


Study progression requirement:


Recommended or required reading:

Core literature/reading: Environmental Management Hens, L. Routledge, London, 2002. Available from the electronic library of Bodo University. The reading list is subject to amendments at semester start.

Overlapping courses:

Sustainability in Finance & Logistics, State regulation in the field of environment protection based on St.Petersburg experience, Business practices in Russia. Management in Situation of Crisis.


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