Nord University (Norway) и БГТУ «ВОЕНМЕХ» им. Д.Ф. Устинова (Россия)


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Master of Business Administration & Engineering - a program of business training of undergraduate level, a joint project of BSTU "Voenmeh" with Graduate School of Business of the Norwegian University of Nordland. Our Bachelor has been successfully operating since 1992. For more than twenty years of its existence we have been able to prepare a lot of international specialists, many of whom subsequently continued their studies in Norway by the Norwegian government.


MBAE program. How will it be?

Stage One. Admission. We select about thirty students, starting from the second course, for further study at the International Business School. Key selection criteria: knowledge of English, good performance in the main study and a sincere desire to learn.


Step Two. Education for two years. Teachers - Russians, but retrained in Norway. Preparation of teachers - not only one contribution of our colleagues from the University of Norway in the educational process. All students are provided with textbooks in English. Training is conducted in Russian, but all the exams, courses, diploma protection is available in English in front of an international commission.


Step Three. Preparation of master's education in Norway. This opportunity is given to the best students, having passed a rigorous selectionby results of the final examinations. Business training in Norway takes place in the Graduate School of Business, University of Nordland (Bude). Training costs assumes the Norwegian government. Including, for accommodation and travel.


Over twenty years of implementation of the program were attended by over 400 students. And today, they all demonstrate the brilliant successes in the business, both in Russia and abroad.

Committee on Science and Higher Education of St. Petersburg praised this Russian-Norwegian project, noting that similar Russian-Norwegian educational programs help to strengthen mutual understanding and trust between the two countries. 


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    We would like to inform that the following students have been selected for study at Master of Science in Business program at Nordland University: