Nord University (Norway) и БГТУ «ВОЕНМЕХ» им. Д.Ф. Устинова (Россия)


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Baltic State Technical University "VOENMEH" named by D. F. Ustinov offers to get a high quality business education of international level.
Cooperating with the Norwegian School of Business, University of Nordland, we are implementing several joint programs:

Bachelor's degree;
International graduate school.


Our Graduate School of Business for more than twenty years prepares specialists of the international class. The best graduates of our Institute in St. Petersburg have a unique opportunity from the government of the country-northern partner to study a Masters in Norway by the Norwegian government.

We provide you the opportunity to get so-called double degree of Russian and Norwegian universities. To do this, however, will need to be trained master in Norway, but only for one semester.

The presence of foreign qualifications - a chance for employment both in Russian and in foreign firms. But mostly, of course, is the knowledge that our students receive of business school.

Deserves attention and our international graduate school, successful completion of which gives a chance for defense of the dissertation PhD. Training is carried out in graduate school in St. Petersburg, as well as in Norway, and the dissertation is protected already abroad.

Graduates of international graduate school - is the future of Russian science, brilliant teachers to develop skills to make the best institutions of higher education.

In most cases, study abroad is paid by the Government of Norway.



  • 22/07/2014 - 09:37 Enrollment to HHB 2013

    We would like to inform that the following students have been selected for study at Master of Science in Business program at Nordland University: